Ogham Tiles & Holy Water Fonts

Ogham Wall Tiles

Ogham is an Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the early Irish language and later the Old Irish language. It plays an important role in my work and is used in these pieces where I inscribe words such as Sláinte (Good Health), Fáilte (Welcome) and Grá (Love). Available online

I can also inscribe names. Please contact me if you would like to order your own personailsed piece (€19.50 each) at info@dingleceramics.com

Holy Water Fonts

My Holy Water Fonts make an ideal gift for a new home or to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Each one can be personalised with a special prayer, poem or name. The Holy Water Font comes in a Gift Box with a small bottle of Holy Water from Tobair Gobnait in Dún Chaoin. Available to Buy Online.

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